Tyler Connaghan 

Music has been a major part of his life since he was young. Beyond his professional work as a producer and engineer, he produces original material under the name Yukkon, writes for various music production blogs and websites, and plays for a variety of bands throughout the Los Angeles area.

Karl Milward

Karl Milward - Integraudio

Mainly focused on Music Production – Mixdown/Mastering

I have been producing a wide range of genres from Hip Hop – Grime – DnB – House for 6+ years. Having studied music in school and college I ended up leaving to branch out and get real-life experience. Having picked up music quickly using Logic Pro X to make Hip Hop beats for my classmates who rapped.

Using a selection of samples and resampling other’s tracks I knew I wanted to develop my knowledge and skills to create my own sounds.    Creating sounds from scratch, mixing, and mastering is where my main focus is today and what I continue to build my knowledge on.

Specialist Subjects

  • Sound design
  • Musical structure
  • Fundamental sounds
  • Mix downs
  • Mastering
  • Processing

I hope you guys find our articles useful and take away something you can implement into your production.

Viliam Šulek

Hi, I’m Drum & Bass music producer and founder of MusicGearo and It was a pleasure for me to work with various artists and was featured on popular channels and labels. I love to make new and exciting projects! Check the About page to read more about myself!