What MusicGearo is All About

  • MusicGearo is a blog site for music producers who wants to build a home studio or purchase various music or production gear. It also addresses those who already own home studios but need to learn how to get the most out of the gear they already own.
  • We aim to provide this class of musicians with highly valuable resources that they can refer to continually. These resources will come in the form of buyer guides, product reviews, how-to articles, and other informational content.
  • Within the content of this site, users will find helpful tips on what gear to get for what purposes, how to use the specific gear for optimal performance and tips on how to resolve issues that may arise from the use of different production gear. This covers both hardware and software.

How MusicGearo Helps You Find What You Need

  • As part of MusicGearo’s commitment to the home recording artists, some of the content on this site will also be based on questions asked by you, the reader. These content will address specific issues highlighted by various readers, allowing us to address the exact needs of the reader while also covering general home studio production topics.
  • We understand that there are so many different sites that provide or claim to provide useful information on these same topics. To this end, we strive to ensure that you do not only get quality content but also enjoy your time reading these content. We try to achieve this by focusing on presenting our content in a manner that is both informative and refreshing.
  • We make an effort to go in-depth in our delivery on any given topic, covering issues you may or may not have come across. MusicGearo relies on high-quality writers with vast musical experience. These writers approach each topic with their wealth of experience at their disposal, and they also back it up with in-depth research.
  • We help them deliver content that is simply loaded to the hilt with useful and relevant information. This site is not about theories and complicated technicalities. We are constantly trying to present practical information in such a way that anyone, regardless of their level of experience in music production, can understand and make good use of them. However, on the other side, we try to keep it simple.
  • MusicGearo was founded by electronic music producer Sulex. Come back regularly as the content on this site will continuously be updated both with fresh content as well as additions to existing content. Hopefully, you will find all the resources you need to up your game and help you begin to deliver professional-level productions from your home recording studio.