7 Tips How To Be Heard, Unique & Successful In Music Production

If you are struggling with how to be heard more in electronic music’s world, how to get uniqueness, and also tips on how to achieve success as an electronic musician, in that case, then enjoy and keep reading!

1. Don’t Worry To Re-Arrange Everything (Vigilance)

The more complex your track will sound, the more your audience will appreciate that. In the modern’s world, it’s not that hard to make fast tracks that would be great for the Free Download purposes, but if you want something more, you have to brainstorm your ideas and go further. If you are that type of personality that is never satisfied with the actual state of your music project, even though your friends think something else, then it’s time to tense.

Whether you are comparing your music with other artists, or just working and shaping your sound, the best thing about that is you can find those little deficiencies and make your track with the best possible quality.

2. Experimenting  (Creativity)

If you are experimenting in writing or mixing your music, it’s a positive sign that you are a creative and original person. Not even that – when doing new things, you uncover new possibilities – it could be a new production schema for a specific genre, patterns, sound design, a new level of mixing, simply anything. For instance, when composing,  you would make kick or snare variations very obvious, and that would make your tune utterly different from the majority for this particular genre.

Or making different patterns where each one would be completely different from each other – in this case, you would pay more attention to avoid your track sound chaotic. Anyway, with this kind of approach, you would lose ( To prevent that, make sure it’s quality before you will publish it), or ultimately win, and that’s what people are looking for!

There is undoubtedly a genre that people would love and which wasn’t uncovered yet and still waiting for that. Try to imagine how astounding it must be when you invent a new genre – With your own BPM, ideas, techniques and approaches. If we will go deeper, it would also have some advanced BPM techniques to make your track sound more interesting where the BPM would be unstable. In that case, you should spend time on the synchronization of your timeline to be able to play your track publicly once it’s finished.

Why experimenting in music would help me to be successful?

The reason for that is because the music industry is becoming a well-known place and people know what to expect and what music will be in the air. If you turn it on its head and make some disruption, then believe or not, you will get some significant attention from the general audience that they didn’t think somebody would bring it to them.

3. Finding Your Own Approach (Open-Mindedness)

This is very useful when you are looking for some distinctive production style, so in that case, people would easily recognize you as a person with this unique style of genre/subgenre. Anyway, if you will combine the high-quality standards of your production with your style, in that case, it would be a killer combination. If this is the sign that you have, don’t wait and go for it!

4. Highly Productive In The Minimum Time (Consistency)

If you find the way how to create great and quality music in the minimum time, then you can shape your future. The main reason for that is because of consistency. The more tracks you are releasing, the more consistent you are becoming and more visible to potential record labels, and general audience that can get your attention with this approach.

5. Be Innovative And Don’t Stick Into One Pattern

People want you to be innovative with your music. If they like your style now doesn’t mean they will love it in the future.
The reason for that is because people can get bored after some time in case your music will sound the same for them. It’s not
wrong to be consistent with a solid production style, but not forever, after some time you want to change slightly
and innovate your current patterns.

6. Don’t Continue On New projects Until Actual One Is Perfectly Done

This is the sign that you should definitely master. For music producers, it uses to be very frustrating and disappointing when they leave the actual track and start working on another just because of the lack of creativity or just because you worked for so long on that project, so you need a new breath. And that’s only two examples of why people are leaving actual projects.

So what could I do about that to never start working on another project?

Always when you stuck at the same place, write down what things cause that. Don’t continue on other tasks until you find the way for this first problem on how to resolve it. Do you stop when you worked on making proper Synth for your song? Go online, check the courses, tutorials, guides,  for specific synth you would like to do, and then start practicing what you’ve learned.

By doing that, you will avoid this problem in the future, and it will be way more comfortable for you to make it on the first try rather than guessing and trying without any knowledge.

7. Small Goals With Increasing Tendency (Purpose)

With that said, you have to have goals to achieve a point where you would wish to be in some period. Don’t have big goals from your beginning. Start releasing music on a weekly or monthly basis in the small labels first. After some time, if your music
in generall will have a significant impact on the audience, then the feedback must come.

And that’s when the more prominent labels will ask you to send your demo to them. This would be a super cool option for you as you are a music producer and also a DJ in one person. DJs are getting paid according to your music releases. The bigger the record label is, the more you would ask for your set.

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If you’ve found yourself on this list, it’s good news for you! However, if you feel like it’s not enough and you would use maximum potential from that, then go inside that. Don’t forget to be open to creating new things and people will find you, don’t worry about that!

Viliam Šulek

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