5 Tips For Music Producer’s Career 2020

Expose yourself more to your potential audience by learning how to speed up the process of building your music career. Here is the step by step process how to grow faster as an electronic musician.

1.Learn Fast

There are tons of guides, tutorials, and explanations on how to learn something. These things are real shortcuts on how to avoid the real struggle and mainly when producing music because you can easily get overwhelmed. Try to use guides and tutorials for necessary actions, for things like – how to improve your sound, when to use particular plugins or how to build your home studio.

You can also check the guides on how to produce exact sounds but in this case, try to find your way, just because there are so many unknown and unexplored sounds that people want so much to hear. In that case, you can start exploring new possibilities and bring something special.

2. Being Producer & DJ

Yeah, this sounds obvious. But who is doing it? It seems so time-consuming, but there is a bunch of people that are making a living by playing music while producing, and meanwhile, they just doing what they love (everybody should). Not sure how it’s going in your genre, but especially in a drum & bass is a massive base of fans that love new and fresh music.

Even though Drum & Bass doesn’t seem like a huge genre, but there are plenty of its subgenres that people love, and they can’t want longer for new talents. Ideally would be to start with music production and only after then, you may consider beginning with playing music. That would help you first introduce yourself and your music taste, and also show people what your style and sound is all about. Why is this good instead of being a DJ first?

Because you need to recognize what type of music they really want to hear. And if you will make something that somebody love, people may start giving you feedback in the form of comments, shares & likes.
At that moment you know that you have true fans that want to hear that particular style that you’ve brought them.
This is probably the best way how to live with music.

Author: Matt Biddulph

3. Make a Free EP album

Nowadays, people make one track and put it for free to get new fans, and it’s a great step. But what if you do this on four or more songs? You will not only be exposed and get comments and likes, but people will start talking about you more.

Here is the thing – Before you will go free on your profile, try to ask labels related to your genre but also the labels that you had dreams to release there. You would wonder what would happen. Why? Because all successful modern labels are trying to keep their music as high as possible, it’s a very high chance that they will reply to you in the form of constructive criticism, or even better, they will want to sign you, or just to tweak some details and send it back to them.

Also, don’t forget to make some stunning cover art for your album and others will love what you will do for them, just do it for free (not literally for free – you are building your name)

4. Expose Yourself by Remixing Other Artists

Probably one of the most significant shortcuts at nowadays. Try to imagine how hard it’s hard for you as a newcomer with no connections to expose yourself. Well, when you remix somebody famous or just have even ten thousand views on Soundcloud, and you do a  great job in the form of remix (if you at least believe it’s great) then write the comment in the track, something like: “Hey,  love this song so much that I had to remix it – feel free to check it out on my website and get it FREE”.

With this approach, you will wonder how many people will come to your profile and listen to it and even download. Then you have a high chance that they will start following you (if they like, what they’ve heard)


5. Collaborate with Others

It’s harder to achieve, especially when you are a new producer which nobody knows. Best advice for you to speed up this process to get the attention of others is the same thing as with remixing – make a great tune that will charm well-known and established producers. But be aware that you need to be unique and bring maybe even more than these guys brought to the music scene to excite them.

Also, the second alternative, if you are new in music production, is to become a DJ. Why? Being a DJ is a gateway between being listener (consumer) and real authority. When you become a DJ, things will start changing. You can begin with playing tracks you like and meet with people of the same genre meanwhile you are building your name.

Honestly, what a big is a chance that you will don’t meet any music producers out there? When you will play music for a long time and become an authority only after then you can try to ask other guys if they would to show you how they are making music and then, even make collabs together.

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6. Make It Unique and Quality

It’s so easy to make something unique and original. If you do it, people will don’t pay too much attention to that. Why? Because it didn’t have any weight and quality. The more you will sharp your sound, the better feedback you will get. By doing that, you will get new fans and also chance that big record labels would contact you.


It’s up to you if you decide to go step by step or just pick the steps that would work for you. Anyway, you need to take action and give as much time as you possibly can for music production. Of course only if the music is a thing that you are living for.

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