17 Best Music Production Courses For Beginners In 2020

17 Best Music Production Courses For Beginners | MusicGearo.com

Music production, sound design, and sound engineering are complex subjects. Luckily many informative courses can help to learn. 

For example, if you are looking to learn ‘Ableton Live,’ we would recommend looking at ‘​Noiselab‘​(they offer courses on all things about Ableton). On the other hand, you may want to learn Logic Pro X, over on ‘​Udemy‘​ Tomas George has a complete course called “​Music Production in Logic Pro X.​”

You may just want to learn sound design; in that case, we would recommend ‘​Point Blank’s​’ online course on ‘​Sound Design.’​ With many options here, you should know what is you would like to learn and find a course/course’s that best suits you.

Music production, when you’re starting, can be an overwhelming complex of information. Whether you’re looking to learn how your DAW works or how to use filters to your advantage, we have a lot of courses offering you all you need

to know or offering more specialized skills, how can you tell which one will provide you with the knowledge you need?

Well, today, we break down and analyze some of the best courses you can get stuck into in 2020!

17 Best Music Production Courses For Beginners In 2020

1. Slate Digital ​- Sound Design Crash Course

Most producers would have heard of Slate Digital – they have been engraved in the music industry since 2008 with a huge push in trying to create the best audio tools for both professional producers and audio engineers.

Well, these guys now have online courses to guide you through music production.

Source: Slatedigital.com

Following a similar trend as we see, Slate Digital offers a monthly subscription service to their ‘Slate​ Academy, ‘​ which gives you access to some really good content from some heavyweights in the industry.  You will also get access to content, new plugins, session templates to learn from, and other cool bonuses.


2. Producer Tech – The Art Of Filtering (Loopmasters)

Filtering is used in many different ways in music production, such as bass design, synthesis, vocals, etc. They all use filtering to some extent.

Producer Tech has some great courses over at Loopmasters​.​ With a lot of courses to jump into, we have handpicked “the art of filtering’ as one of the top courses for a beginner like yourself.

With a friendly and informative course, they offer streamed tutorials, downloadable materials, written notes, software projects, plus samples.

The course contains nine modules:

  • Module 1 – Filtering Basics
  • Module 2 – Basic Filtering Practice
  • Module 3 – Filter Modulation
  • Module 4 – Applied Filtering Modulation Techniques
  • Module 5 – Filter Sidechain/External Triggering
  • Module 6 – Filter Sidechain and Automation Techniques
  • Module 7 – Bass Processing
  • Module 8 – Assessment
  • Module 9 – Outro

Each module consists of lessons, some including four lessons per module. Having an assessment at the end of the course is a nice touch to make sure you have engaged and paid attention to the course.

We feel this course has all the necessary information for you to learn and apply filtering techniques to your productions. You can pick this up


3. Noiselab

Noiselab is a bit of an all-rounded platform with great video courses to get you familiar with all things Ableton Live. These guys offer high-quality content for all skill levels of production.

Source: Noiselab.com

For beginners, we would recommend having a look at their courses – Electronic Music Production Level 1, 2 & 3

Your host will be Thavius Beck.

With a greatly informative video format that is easy to grasp and very knowledgeable, this video course offers all there is to know about getting your head around Ableton Live.


Level 1:​

This course will give you a strong understanding of the user interface within Ableton.

Level 2:​

Moving onto drums, you will learn all things drum beats for several genres plus the importance of kick, snare, hats, and percussion.

Level 3:​

So this is the third of 3 courses. This level ramps it up, exploring mixing techniques, using popular effects to craft your sounds, resampling, and even covering sidechaining. “By​ the end of this course, you’ll be ready to release your songs into the world, and so we’ll discuss the ideal export settings.

In the first course, you got familiar with the Live interface and working with MIDI instruments and audio material, in Course two, you learned composition techniques and basic music theory. After completing this course, you’ll be able to combine all of these elements into making a song.

With Level 1 being FREE! You will be able to enroll in level 2 & 3 for the cost of $80 per course.

Noiselab holds many courses like these with many great subjects and topics.


4. Producer Tech – Beginner’s Guide to Synthesis

Synthesis is what you hear in most dance tracks, but they also are used in many varied ways. With so many terminologies and concepts to come to terms with when doing any form of synthesis, we understand your headache!

We turn our attention back to the guys over at Producer​ Tech; they offer an in-depth course on this subject.


This course includes 14 modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Waveforms Demo
  • Module 3 – Oscillators
  • Module 4 – Designing with Oscillators I
  • Module 5 – Designing with Oscillators II
  • Module 6 – Filters
  • Module 7 – Envelopes
  • Module 8 – Classic Envelope Patch Design
  • Module 9 – Quick Simple Synth Focus – Maschine’s Bass Synth
  • Module 10 – LFO Modulation
  • Module 11 – Pitch Modulation
  • Module 12 – Sequencers & Arpeggiators
  • Module 13 – Effects
  • Module 14 – Common Synth Settings

Exploring many topics within the synthesis, this course offers a great deal of content exploring some popular synths over some of the most popular DAW’s.

With a price tag of £19.95, this is a great course to get your hands on.


5. Education and Bass

Education and bass cover a lot of underground genres complemented with informative video content to teach you the desired skill.

With some industry professionals teaching the courses, they will be sure to unload their masses of information into the course you choose from.

For example, they offer 1600+ videos with some great titles such as:

Source – Educationandbass.online

We are confident that with their wide range of content, you will find the right course for you here.

They offer a free version membership that offers some good content to get stuck into, or they offer a monthly subscription starting at £9.99/mo or £14.99/mo.


6. Point Blank Music School

Source: Pointblankmusicschool.com

As you can see, they have a hefty name within the scene; with that said, they have world-class studios plus courses for music production, sound designs, and sound engineering plus others.

Let’s say you are not interested in going to a course in person and would rather do an online course that is still just as beneficial as the physical course – well, fortunately, Point Blank offers some of the best online courses you can pay for plus some offer the chance to have a diploma at the end.

Alternatively, they also have a 3-year online course with 18 modules. Once you have completed the course, you will have under your belt a Bachelor of Arts, BA (Hons) – These are standard higher education qualifications recognized across the UK and Europe.


7. Sonic Academy​ -​ A Beginners Guide to Music Production

Sonic Academy name themselves as a “web portal for anyone who is interested in music technology” they offer a wide range of courses for all skill levels.

Source: Sonicacademy.com

We have handpicked ‘A Beginners Guide to Music Production‘ because it covers many topics beginners have. With an easy to follow very informative video format, this will clear up a lot of questions you guys may have.

With seven tutorials consisting of:

  • Tutorial 1 – Introduction
  • Tutorial 2 – Computer Essentials
  • Tutorial 3 – PC vs. Mac
  • Tutorial 4 – Software
  • Tutorial 5 – Soundcards
  • Tutorial 6 – MIDI Controllers
  • Tutorial 7 – Speakers and Headphones

These topics really will give you the right knowledge to feel comfortable with music production, knowing what you need to start with will save you a lot of time and money!

Source: Sonicacademy.com

Offering a wide range of courses, you can purchase the courses you want, or you can pay for their monthly subscription fee of £9.99 – ultimately, these guys cover a lot of ground within music production, sound engineering, and sound design.


8. ADSR (Understanding EQ – The Ultimate EQ Crash Course

EQ is most likely one of the first plugins you have probably heard of that is used in music production. Equalizers come in many shapes and sizes, causing confusing circumstances; you may also be conflicted on what is the right EQ to use for a certain sound, we have all been there.

Luckily the guys over at ADSR​​ have a greatly in-depth course teaching you all there is to know about Equalising.

This course is comprised of 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to EQ
  • Module 2: EQing Percussion
  • Module 3: How To EQ Bass, Leads & Vocals
  • Module 4: Advanced EQ – Exciters plus Mid and Side EQ processing

Source – ADSRsounds.com

What does ADSR have to say about the course?

This guide to EQ provides all the knowledge, tips, and tricks to take you from the basics of ‘what is EQ’ to know how to EQ sounds. Learn how to make leads sound brighter, percussion punchier, and vocals – sing! Master a more professional mix today. This course uses Logic to demonstrate the EQing process, but the skills learned to apply to most DAWs, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Cubase.”

Covering a popular selection of DAW’s ADSR has covered a great basis of Equalisers here.

With the option to pay for all of their courses for ‘$14 pm/avg’, you alternatively can purchase the course for a one-off purchase price of ‘$24.99.’


​9. Sample Genie

Sample​Genie​ is one of the leading Drum & Bass subscription sites; they offer a range of tutorials from top producers alongside some great sample packs to get you easily creating solid tracks.

With a range of tutorials by some of the top names in drum and bass, you will be getting tips and tricks from respectable producers.

Source: Sample-genie.com

Here’s what they offer:

  • Professional Drum and Bass Sample Packs
  • Cutting Edge Production Tutorial Videos
  • Specialist Members & Artist Forum
  • Industry Exposure & Opportunity

With some great content for beginners to get stuck into, this is a viable option for any beginner to learn solid music knowledge plus get your hands on some great samples in the process.

£12.99​p/mo for full membership.


10. SkillShare ​- ​Logic Pro X Quick Start: Producing with Logic Pro X

You may have already heard of SkillShare; they offer a very wide range of tutorials on many subjects. They offer a considerably large number of music production courses.

Jason Allen has a very in-depth course on how to quickly get familiar with Logic Pro X.

Here’s what Jason Allen has to say on the course:​

In this class, we will cover:

  • Differences between Logic Pro X versions
  • Purchasing Logic Pro X – The Cheap way!
  • Installing and Setting up Logic Pro X
  • Creating a Project
  • The Arrange Area
  • The Editing Area
  • The Transport Bar
  • The Inspector Area
  • Media and Event Lists
  • The Mixer
  • Using Apple Loops
  • Beat Sync with Apple Loops
  • Adding a Bass Line
  • Adding Synth Tracks
  • Preparing for Mixing
  • Audio Effects
  • Built-in EQ
  • Audio Recording Setup
  • Recording Instruments
  • Monitoring
  • MIDI Recording Setup
  • Recording MIDI Tracks
  • SoundCloud and uploading elsewhere
  • …and much, much more!

Jason Allen has an extensive background; this really shows in his course, having packed so much in for beginners to learn, its really a great idea to check this out.

Source: Skillshare.com

SkillShare has many other courses that are catered to beginners.

You might enjoy ‘​Sampling: Using Sampling for Sound Design & Production​, ‘a great step for a beginner to use the samples that are available.


11. MasterClass​ – ​Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

MasterClass has some of the best insights into many leading industries in the world.

They have some amazing interviews and courses with some of the best names in music; we have handpicked out Deadmau5 music production course based on the fact he delivers real and knowledgeable information about the processes of music.

With over an hour and a half worth of content, sit back, and take notes on. Deadmau5 will guide you through most of what there is to know.

Deadmau5 is a widely recognized Canadian electronic music producer; he has been releasing music since 2002.

Source: MasterClass.com

This course will run you through some of the key stages of music production, and there are many tasty topics in this course.

The Course Contains

  • How to build your home studio
  • Turning melodies into arrangements
  • Remix’s
  • Mastering
  • On stage: The music
  • Plus, many more!

The ground he covers in this course is perfect for any beginner.

With many lessons to take away, you will find yourself watching the course through more than once.

Offering his hilarious take on music production, this course will really make you see the fun side of music if you didn’t already.

Subscription – you can pick these lessons up for £14.17/month (billed annually)


12. LinkedInLearning

As many of you know LinkedIn is a social networking site for industry professionals and

anyone who wants to have a fancy-looking profile with the benefits of having access to a learning platform.

Source: LinkedIn.com

Yes, Linkedin has a learning platform! For many skill bases, let’s take a look at some of the music production courses they offer.

They have several courses for beginners to get started on, here is a great course on Audio Foundations: Delay and Modulation​​ by Alex U. Case.


13. Abbey Road Institute

Abbey Road is one of the most famous London recording studio. They have produced many chart-topping songs such as, ‘Ceremonials’ by Florence & the Machine, ‘The White Album’ by The Beatle, The Beatles – Twist & Shout, the list goes on and on, these guys know and have a lot of experience within this industry since 1931.

Beatles Story – ‘Abbey Road is the oldest, purpose-built recording studio in the world, but is best known to most people for being the creative base for The Beatles. In the late 1950s, Studio Two became the center for British rock and roll music. It is where the Fab Four recorded almost all of their music

between 1962 and 1970. In fact, the band loved the studio so much they decided to name their 1969 album after the street where it is located.’

Abbey Road Institue is a specialized music production school offering:

  • Workshops within Abbey Road studios where you will learn in groups of one, two or three
  • Bespoke live rooms and recording studios on site
  • Guest speakers include – Haydn Bendall, Alan Parsons, Ken Scott, Marta Salogni, John Kurlander & Aamir Yaqub.
  • The opportunity to progress further after this is huge! Many students go onto highly respected music studios.

Now it must be noted that you can only attend this in person, so living within the area of London and being committed to going to your workshops is what you need to ask yourself before signing up for this.

They have three different courses to delve into:

Source: abbeyroadinstitute.co.uk

These guys offer a good range of courses for beginners to get a very good understanding of music production and music studios that are of the highest quality.


14. Udemy – The Complete Piano & Music Theory Beginners Course

Music theory is a very good start for a beginner. These are the fundamentals of music, and having an understanding of this can improve your music production.

You may find yourself struggling to play a series of keys over a sample or even a song you’ve heard on the radio that you would like to play. This will be down to not understanding music theory, and once you can understand this, it will unlock your potential to really become a music producer.

You can find on Udemy a course by Musicians Inspired; this course will teach you:

  • Proper piano technique
  • How to read sheet music
  • Elements of music (black and white notes, intervals)
  • Major, minor, diminished and augmented chords
  • Major and minor scales
  • Rhythm fundamentals
  • The Circle of 5ths
  • The 12 major keys and relative minors

All you will need is access to a piano or keyboard.

What is included?

  • This course includes
  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • Three articles
  • One downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

This course is a steal for anyone struggling with putting down chords in a track and widen your music theory knowledge. The benefits of understanding music theory will define you as a producer or whatever music profession you may go into.


15. Udemy – Music Production II – Music Production Workflow – COMPLETE!!

Mitch Houston brings us an all-rounded course on finding your workflow with your DAW.

Mitch has been in the music industry for over 15 years; he currently owns a broadcasting station pumping out hours of audio a week.

Source: Udemy.com

Mitch – “I provide all the audio needed to follow along with me step by step through the entire music production process!”

Ultimately by the end of the course, you will be able to record, mix, edit, and master your audio within your DAW.

What’s included?

  • 9.5 hours on-demand video
  • 25 articles
  • 25 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

This course offers a lot for beginners to understand the basics they can carry over to any DAW.


​16. Masterclass – Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

Have you seen the Lion King? The Dark Knight? Inception? Ever wondered to yourself, Who scored these amazing films?

Hans Zimmer is behind the scoring of over 150 films!

Masterclass brings you 31 videos with Hans himself speaking on some create subjects for anyone within music production looking to learn more even down to beginners just starting.



This is such a great video series we would personally recommend to anyone interested in learning more about film audio, looking to become a film composer, or even if you just want to add a more cinematic feel to your tracks.

This course contains subjects such as:

  • Creating with synths
  • Sound pallets
  • Themes
  • Character theme (Batman)
  • Scoring under dialogue

I could watch this video series a million times over and take something new away from it every time! Hans truly is a professional of his craft, and that shows throughout the video series.

If you liked the other masterclass course, we mentioned you can get both of these for one subscription price of £14.17/month (billed annually)


17. Local Workshops

This one will involve a little searching on Google, Facebook, and any social media platforms where you can find events or studios, often they will hold events for people to attend to learn music production skills.

For example, your local studio may hold a weekly class where you can attend to learn more about sound engineering.

Here is one we have found in London, there are such as this across the country.

‘​CRE8TIV® Short Courses

“Music education and talent development charity The Midi Music Company (MMC) offers an exciting range of short courses, music business seminars; creative industry careers advice, and events.” Source – Wired4Music.

Things to think about

Figure out first what it is you want to learn and then find out how you can learn from professionals who offer the right set of skills to learn from. It is vital not to overload yourself with courses.

Complete your first course and then move onto the next one once you have fully completed the first one.

We have only touched the surface of ways beginners can learn music production; we hope you have enjoyed reading this article and take up a new course in 2020!

Lastly, check this link in case If you would like to know How To Develop VST Plugins.

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