Bose QC35 Noise Cancelling Headphones User’s Review

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I think I was around thirteen years old when I developed my passion for music. Richard, my friend, showed me the wonders of Hip-Hop Music. He had a legendary Koss Porta Pro, and I remember that I had it borrowed all the time. I listened to music all day and searched for new music regularly. I was hooked.

Few years past and I am still hooked. And since I listened to a ton of music at that time, I started to become very selective for my Earphones and Speakers. I went through all different stages, from the Koss Porta Pro to some basic earpieces, that always tangle in your pocket when I was going to school. And to my latest pricey headphones Urbanear Ziken, it was still not enough, and I needed to have something better. Then I made the decision. I am going to spend 400€ on headphones. Needles to say, it was the best decision ever.


The package of QC35 is pretty basic. You open the box and inside, there will be a bag with the headphones. The free pouch is an excellent addition to the headphones, as you can travel with them and your headphones will be safe in the pouch. You will also get a detachable AUX cable. This cable is a little bit weird tho, because the end, that goes to the headphones has 2.5mm, so you can not stick a basic 3.5mm AUX into them.

Materials & Design of Bose QC35

I must say that the material is very comfortable, and the construction of the headphones is of the most exceptional quality. You can bend them as much as you want, and you will not break them. The cushion is comfortable for your head, even for the long term listening. You can have them on the whole day, and you will feel nothing – no pressure on your head.

The whole design is pretty conservative, the headphones go in the black/silver colors, and they do not stand out, just goes well with you.  There is a small Bose logo on the sides of the headphones and buttons to power off/on and change the volume settings are placed very instinctively.

I had only one real problem with the materials of these headphones – the cushion. After about one year of heavy usage, the cushion has teared up. You can check the price for a replacement cushion for about 30€.

noise canceling headphones

A teared up cushion on Bose QC35


These headphones by Bose are my first wireless Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. Needless to say, I was delighted with battery life. When I charge it fully, it lasts a few days when I must recharge them again. Even the charging part is very fast. Just a few minutes on the charger, and you have a quarter of your battery life back again. So it is good when you want to listen to music, but you currently have the headphones juiced out. Just a few minutes on the charger and you are back in the game (at least for another half-hour).

You can also use the headphones with the cable, that comes with the package. Even when your headphones are out of battery, but the sound quality will worsen, and the noise-canceling properties of these headphones will not work.


Now, the second problem I had with the headphones was the actual BlueTooth connection part. When I have the multiple devices connected to the headphones, the sound starts to weird out and sometimes, resetting the BlueTooth connection is needed.

I also have Linux workstation and connecting Bose QC35 to it was practically impossible. I tried multiple days to debug the issue but to no help. So if you want to use the BlueTooth headphones with your Linux PC, be cautious!

A few scratches here and there, but the headphones still holds in one piece after a year of heavy usage


When you have your headphones connected to your mobile phone, you can accept calls and talk via the inbuilt microphone. The mic quality is outstanding, and it is always a pleasure to make a call via these phones, thanks to the noise-canceling properties, which takes me to another feature of these headphones.

Bose QC35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whenever you are in your office or taking a train, the Noise Cancelling feature is a great addition to fully enjoy your music. David made a great video, where he is showcasing the effect on Noise Cancellation, make sure to check it out.

Sound of Bose QC35

I have to say that these headphones sound fabulous. The sound is precise and crisp. In my opinion, QC-35 are more bassy, but I personally like it that way.