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8 Best Grooveboxes & Drum Machines For Live and Home Studio Use

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So you have decided to create your music in your home studio. There is nothing quite as fascinating as live music created before your very own eyes. In this post, we’ve picked for you 8 best grooveboxes & Drum Machines for live and home studio use.

Serious drummers know that having a great drum machine is a game-changer. Not only do you create better songs, but you also get more precise beats and a better all-around gig in general. Making the right investment can make or break your music career.

Keep in mind that one size does not fit all when it comes to a drum machine, and you really ought to choose the one that fits your lifestyle the most. Great deejays understand that when it comes to music, the smallest details matter. Knowing what each drum machine can offer will help you make a decision of which ones work well and which ones are just for playing around. Well, here is our list for top 8 groove boxes and drum machines to make your decisions easier:

1. Roland Aira-TR 8

The Roland Aira-TR 8 is a fully reproduced version of the TR-909 and the TR-808. The TR 8 is based on the original spec designs and the analog circuits of the original versions. It also has analog circuit behavior technology built-in. The machine contains 16 kits made up of 11 types of instruments which include both the sounds from the TR-909 and the TR-808. There is a function for Accents in which you can control the intensity. Groovebox also includes 16 RGB-backlit pads to provide you nice visuals after you play the notes. Having eleven instruments at your beck and call at the tip of your fingers enables you to put all your wild ideas into songs of your choice. All you need is a creativity and of course the Roland Aira- TR 8. For us, this is our number one recommended piece. 

Source & Author: Wikimedia, David J

2. Dave Smith Instruments Temptest

Measuring 15.4″L x 9″W x 2.5″H, Enjoy a combination of digital and analog intuitive interfaces on Dave Smith Instruments Tempest. There is a powerful sequencer as well as sixteen pads sensitive to pressure and velocity.

Clearly, this machine is created to extend the capabilities of musicians that love a great beat any time of the year. Features include disable quantize, enveloped controls for compressors, LFO’s that are free-running and new scales of modality. Explore the latest sounds and the most modern beats with the Temptest by Dave Smith. After all, there must be a reason this brand is well-known around the world. 

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Source, Author: Wikimedia, Brandon Daniel

3. NI Maschine Studio

Measuring 11.85 x 12.6 inches this compact machine is as beautiful as it is useful. There are aligned buttons at the upper left corner and a sloped lower profile. Also, there are tools that allow you to experiment on live concerts. On such a compact design, it is surprising what the range of possibilities are with the NI Maschine Studio. There are newer screens to help keep your focus on what’s going on as you work. The intuitive interface comes in very useful as well. You get bang for your buck when you get yourself one of these.

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4. Arturia DrumBrute Analog Black Drum Machine Review

When you decide to get yourself the Arthuria Drumbrute finally, one thing you will be sure to appreciate are the great options for connectivity. Not only are there mini jacks that you can connect to various other sources, but there is also the main jack. There is an excellent library for sound including seventeen analog drumming instrumentals.

There is also a sequence looper and a sequence looper aside from the drum sequencer consisting of sixty-four steps. Millions of musicians love this drum machine for precisely the same reasons.

With its MIDI Control Center Software, the Arthuria Drumbrute is not exactly going to be the most advanced machine for drums you can find on the market today. However, since the MIDI Control Center Software comes with the pack for free, users can use their host computer to store unlimited amounts of patterns. You will enjoy a pattern sequence Of 64-Steps without a doubt. The Pattern Sequence consists of sixty-four steps, and this gives you tons of flexibility. It comes with “accent” and “step” buttons put into positions of strategy.

The fact that this machine integrates a filter by Steiner-Parker is one of its best features. It enables users to create tricks and sweeps for a music production filled with creativity. You can switch the filter to a high pass and low pass mode. For this reason, that is undoubtedly and without a doubt, its best feature. Also, If you love the sound of analog drums, this is the right piece for you.

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arthuria drumbrute

5. Korg Volca Beats

This unit is a hybrid that features digital control and a sound engine analog. You can record note information and tweaks and can use MIDI for accessing the sequences you have recorded. You can also control the beats, tom decay, stutter, and grain. On the Volca, you limit connectivity to simply a mini-jack for shared stereo though there is a mono audio signal in itself. You will need an adapter for interfacing with studio gear based on a fourteen-inch jack. There are LED lights on each sequence step and the dials for tempo flash with the timing of each beat. Just a glance in complex sequences precisely enables you to know what is happening.

 Every dial on the Korg Volca Beats has a dial per function and is lifted from the Monotron. Everything feels sturdy and tight, ready for a great creation.

korg volca beats

Source, Author:, TheIntrovert

6. Elektron Octatrack

Elektron Octatrack has a great foundation with its newer and better features than ever before. Everything you need in a rig and electronic music is available right from this machine. There are eight MIDI tracks dedicated, eight tracks for audio stereo, pitch shifts and sample stretches in real-time and the well-known great sequencer of the Elektron Octatrack. Features focus on performance are added on the 2nd generation Octatrack, and there are great hi-resolution encoders, backlit buttons, and an incredibly smooth crossfader. There is an OLED screen that is highly visible and a powerful production center for electronic music. You won’t be able to get over the smooth songs this produces.

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7. Elektron Analog Rytm MkII

The Elektron Analog Rytm MkII is now better than all its predecessors. Meet this drum computer that features eight voices. It combines precise digital controls with analog sonic depth as you’ve never seen before. There are potent capabilities of sequences that you naturally expect from this product. However, this updated version adds capabilities of sampling as well as dedicated buttons, high-resolution encoders, backlit buttons, and an ultra-rugged style every deejay will love. You get a faster workflow the way everything is properly arranged. You will enjoy exploring the drumming sounds as well as all the creative possibilities that the Elektron offers. There are no limits with this machine.

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Elektron Analog Rytm MkIISource & Author: Wikipedia, Brandon Daniel

8. Novation Circuit Mono Station

The Circuit Mono Station by Novation features a strong substractive synthesizer feature with its four independent waveform oscillators. You get the modern format of a groovebox, flexible sequences and powerful synthesizing of analog. Enjoy a combination of time-tested hands-on control in this powerhouse. The tones are smooth, fast, and a well-placed dedicated knobs control every function.

Thirty-two pads are sensitive to velocity and access to three sequencers onboard – these cover both the modulation and oscillator options. Plus, you get analog control and extensive MIDI connections that make this a hub ideal for your next gig.

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The article was more like friendly advice than a review, feel free to check the videos before you will make next step. You must use your judgment about which of these drum machines are best for you. Find one that meets your gig needs and enjoy. You’ll need to feel each one first hand before, to see if it is something that you can benefit from. The varying gradients of price and features will help you find the one exactly right for you.

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